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We train you to train your dog


SMOTC was established as and continues to be a working, service oriented, AKC Member Obedience Training Club. Paramount to our Club is providing dog training classes teaching handlers how to train their dogs. SMOTC is also a friendly, helpful, neighborly club. We hold outreach events, membership meetings, and social gatherings geared toward creating a unified, bonded group of dog people. In order for SMOTC to continue to flourish and excel, active participation by our members is both encouraged and expected. Prerequisites to membership with SMOTC include completing at least one training class with us, assisting at various classes, attending at least 2 Club meetings, and obtaining the sponsorship of 2 members in good standing.

Membership Meetings are held in Berkley or via Zoom on the third Friday of every month. Guests are welcome with permission from the President.

If you are interested in becoming a member or attending a Club meeting, please contact SMOTC at:


President: Katherine Albrecht
Vice President: Pam Roehr
Training Director: Mary Karakas

Treasurer: Linda Marler
Corresponding Secretary: Karen Bishop

Recording Secretary:  Karen Samspson
Trustees: Anita Ellis, Tammy Karakas, Christina Strutz

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