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We train you to train your dog

Welcome SMOTC Students

Paperwork to bring to the first night of class

Once you have enrolled for your course with the city, you will need to complete an application for SMOTC and provide proof of the vaccinations on your dog.  Please bring both pages of the application AND a copy of your shots from the vet on the first night of class.  We strongly recommend the influenza vaccine as well as those listed on the application.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Remember you must register first with the city to be enrolled in the class and then bring the appropriate application and your vet records on the first night of class.

Puppy Application and Vaccination Record Form

Obedience & Therapy Application and Vaccination Record Form



Class Materials for Registered Students

Please click the link for your class and provide the password you received from your instructor.  You will then have access to the course materials.  If you experience any difficulties, please contact your instructor or email Tammy for assistance.

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